why vimsa?


" To Potentiate the development of our clients and our people, with the satisfaction of going in the constant pursuit of excellence”


"Being the best manufacturing service center in Mexico supported by the progress of our clients, suppliers and staff”


  • Integrity: A commitment to honesty, responsability, openness and justice.
  • Innovation: Always in the quest for continuous improvement.
  • Human Development: Provide the proper environment for the growth and development of our staff.
  • Security: Caring for the integrity of our team.


  • Be the number one choice in manufacturing and integration projects.
  • Build long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Create a result–oriented culture in all of our areas to become leaders in the markets we participate.
  • Being a company source of pride for our region and our country, where the people involved feel valued, motivated and able to develop to their fullest.